For the importance of transparency, we would like to inform all applicants as to how the peer-review process worked.

Throughout today, NPPSH applicants should be receiving their results from the peer-review process. We received a substantial number of submissions, covering a diverse range of humanities research in Ireland. In order to accommodate as many papers as possible, we expanded the symposium from its initial one-day event to a two-day conference. Unfortunately we were still unable to accept every paper.

For the importance of transparency, we would like to inform all applicants as to how the peer-review process worked. Below, we include the details of the review process:

  • All abstracts were reviewed by relevant faculty members from Maynooth University’s Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy and the Faculty of Social Science
  • Each abstract was assigned an alphanumeric key to ensure the reviewers did not have access to students’ names, departments, or universities. This blind review allowed reviewers to focus solely on the content of the abstract.
  • Reviewers were provided with guidelines for evaluation and scored each abstract on eight different criteria, with each criteria marked from 1 to 5 (1 being “does not meet the criteria at all”, 5 being “exceptional and exceeds criteria”).
  • All abstracts that scored 26 or higher were accepted as papers for the conference.
  • Reviewers were encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions for the students to incorporate before presenting their paper. This feedback will be sent to each student in the individual emails.

For those students whose scores fell under the threshold for paper acceptance, we would like to invite them to participate in our lightning presentation panel (in which presenters will have three minutes to provide an overview of their research and/or paper topic) or to present a poster during the conference.

Any presenter who takes part in the lightning panel or the poster session will still have the opportunity to be included in the publication of the conference proceedings following October’s event. More information on publication will follow in due course.

Please Note: you may only opt to participate in one of the alternatives. If you choose to participate in the lightning round, you may not also present a poster and vice versa.

So keep an eye on your emails today and keep informed on our news page, where we will post conference updates and points of information.