Want to organise a conference? No I hear you say? The New Perspectives team are now looking towards 2017 and seek volunteers to organise next years conference.  It’s actually not all that bad, and can be extremely rewarding!

If you decide to pursue a career in academia, you will likely participate in a conference at some point. Having the experience of organising a conference will look good on your CV and will help it stand out with potential employers.

Even if you decide not to pursue a career in academia, organising an event can still provide you with invaluable experience and transferable skills. It demonstrates that you know how to work with a team, delegate responsibilities, and take ownership of tasks.

Either way, conference organisation will give your CV that extra bit to really help you standout amongst other applicants. Plus, the network of colleagues you will establish through it’s organisation will be invaluable.

If you wish to provisionally express some interest, just follow this link and fill out the form: