The NPPSH Organising Committe is very proud to present the conference proceedings from the first annual New Perspectives Postgraduate Symposium on the Humanities, NPPSH: Reflections: Volume 1 (2016).

Reflections Volume I collects a number of articles written by Irish postgraduate students whose research is located within a number of different fields within the humanities, including world literature, medieval Irish, Irish music, the legal status of LGBT asylum seekers in Ireland, and the use of computational analysis in approaching nineteenth century literature. Through this interdisiciplinary focus, this publication works in much the same way as our conferences in bringing together emerging scholars from different academic backgrounds in dialogue with one another.

It is our hope that our presenters in 2017, and at other conferences going forward, will submit their papers for inclusion in the second volume of Reflections. We look forward to seeing your work in Reflections Volume II!

If you want to buy a print edition of Reflections: Volume I, it is available here. Alternatively, a digital version can be accessed through Maynooth University’s ePrints system here.